A more detailed explanation
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18th December 2010
Yes, I'm still alive, and so is this website. This post exists for a the sole purpose of explaining this.
Mario Matrices
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13th September 2010
This is very much something for the mathematically minded Nintendo fans out there.
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5th September 2010
It's possible this joke's been done before, but here it is anyway.
Purrassic Park
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30th August 2010
Jurassic Park seems to make a number of appearances in various webcomics. Dinosaurs in general (or in this case, cats) just provide awesome material to work with.
The Evolution of the Information Search
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22nd August 2010
I'm not too happy with the inking on this one. It's rather messy, but here it is anyway.
Voice Recognition
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15th August 2010
Exploring technology in the modern age.
Why I don't like 3D movies
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3rd August 2010
I've had beef with 3D movies for a long time. Sit back and allow me to vent my frustration.
Under the Sea
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31st July 2010
The last in my special series of weekly updates is in fact the week's comic. Originally I was planning on another photograph, but

A) I failed to upload a comic last week.

B) I haven't got any more photos ready yet and I'm too lazy to do so.