Life in a Day - My Submission
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25th July 2010
Many of you may have heard of the Life in a Day project. For those who havenít, anybody with a camera handy was asked to film parts of their day on the 24th July 2010 and send it to Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald to edit into a feature film. I decided to contribute a little something myself.
3D glasses
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16th July 2010
In general, I have many issues with 3D films. Expect an angry blog entry soon.
The Weather in St. Petersburg
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11th July 2010
I am grey fox. Are you red squirrel?
Who is the father?
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3rd July 2010
Next on Joey Springer: "My ex-boyfriend is carrying my dog's baby"
Children of Japan
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1st July 2010
Here is footage of some of the kids Iíve been teaching in Japan, from various Ďyochiení (Japanese kindergartens). Anybody who has me on Facebook will probably have seen this already.
Fire With Fire
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25th June 2010
A handy resolution to a number of life's problems, except when taken literally.
The best website in the world*
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20th June 2010
I recently discovered Midomi and thought it was quite good. Read why here.
Thank you for contacting us about the matter in question!
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15th June 2010
I usually donít mind automatically generated e-mail responses, as long as they are eventually followed by a genuine human reply which addresses all the important matters put forward in my original e-mail. However, sometimes, automatic replies can just be completely retarded.