Try, try and try again
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29th May 2010
Iíve made at least two attempts at starting Blogs with the intention of regular updates. One was personal, the other meant to keep friends up-to-date with whatís going down during my 8 months in Japan. In both cases, I never got round to updating them and when I did, it was usually to point out my own failure to make any posts. Well, here's another attempt...
Tetris Invader
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28th May 2010
I wondered if this should go under 'art' rather than in the main comic series since it's just one picture, but then I figured A) comics strips can be one-panel and B) It's a humourous (and/or somewhat sad?) picture so it may as well be a part of the comic series.
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21st May 2010
Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po... where are they now?
Two Cats
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16th May 2010
The style in which the cats are drawn is the style generally used to depict animals in Japanese kindergardens (Yochien). I may continue to use it, though I'd slowly adapt it into my own style.
Crop Circles
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15th May 2010
I've had the idea for this strip for ages, and finally got around to drawing it. I took more time on detail in this strip than in other strips. How much detail I draw in the future will probably vary.
Jurassic Park 4
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13th May 2010
I enjoyed drawing this page. I would pay good money to see this film actually being made.
I S L A N D - Survivors
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11th May 2010
More shipwreck survivors who might appear in an I S L A N D sequel IF I make one.
I S L A N D - Survivor
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11th May 2010
Among the ideas I have for an I S L A N D sequel is to introduce a set of crash survivors from a new shipwreck on the island. This guy would be one of them and a central character to the story.