Sweet Talkin' Lincoln
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17th September 2006
Like earlier Laminated Goat comics, the dates tagged for the Lincoln comics are probably wrong. All I know is they were made in 2006.
Lincoln Talks Dirty
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11th September 2006
Ben's original comics are lost with the old site, so I'll let these comics speak for themselves...
Old Laminated Goat 3
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4th September 2006
Most of the comics I made back then were four panels, though there were one or two exceptions, such as this one.
Old Laminated Goat 2
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20th August 2006
Whether or not the upload dates of these earlier comics is correct is anybody's guess. Eventually I started marking the dates on the comics themselves.
Old Laminated Goat 1
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13th August 2006
This is not the first of the old comics I made, but the first which I feel is worth sharing. There was a comic before this in which Sebb (the human) was zapped by Fogad's (the alien's) laser beam in hopes of gaining superpowers.